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Week 13 Bets

Posted by deck104 on November 26, 2008

Really quick because I’m only home for a second before All Turkey’s Eve festivities.

Only two bets this week. Which is a nice change of pace. And I can ignore the browns for an entire weekend as I’m benching Jamal Lewis in fantasy sports in addition to not betting them.

So take Miami, -8 or better vs. St. Louis


Baltimore, -7 and better vs. Cincinatti

Happy Turkey


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This week’s games

Posted by mrformula on November 22, 2008

Since we arleady placed our bets for the week, here they are:

Record Year to Date: 22-21-2

This weeks picks:

Cleveland -3 vs. Houston (-110)

Tennessee -5 vs. New York Jets (-110)

Tampa Bay – 8.5 @ Detroit (-110)

Chicago – 7.5 @ St. Louis (-110)

Denver -9.5 vs. Oakland (-110)

Indianapolis +2.5 @ San Diego (-110)

Green Bay +2.5 @ New Orleans (-110)

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This Week’s Bets

Posted by mrformula on November 16, 2008

Record Year to Date: 18-16-2 (excluding Thursday night’s game)

This week’s bets:

NYJ +3 @ NE (+105)

Ind -8 vs. HOU (-110)

TB -4 vs. MIN (-110)

ARI -3 @ SEA (-105)

ATL -6 vs. DEN (-110)

PIT -4.5 vs. SD (-120)

MIA -9.5 vs. OAK (-120)

WSH PK vs. DAL (-110)

CLE +4.5 @ BUF (-110)

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Posted by deck104 on November 11, 2008

We went 3-3 this week, for our second non-winning week in a row.

Power rankings might be tomorrow, it’s a holiday so I don’t know if Mr. Formula has run the statistics program yet.

Romeo Crennell is killing us. And I’m glad that Cardinals spread didn’t end up moving in our direction, that game was nuts. Anquan Boldin is definitely the best receiver in the league; it’s scary to watch him play.


So we’re at 18-16-2 on the year with a bunch of games still to play. Hopefully we’ll get hot and have something fun to post about.

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This Weeks Games

Posted by mrformula on November 9, 2008

Stilll waiting to see if Arizona goes to -10, and we will bet them if they do.

Record Year to Date (excluding Thursday night game): 15-13-2

This weeks games:

Cleveland -3 (-115) vs. Denver (Loss)

Baltimore +2.5 @ Houston

Miami – 8 vs. Seattle

Atlanta -1.5 vs. New Orleans

Pitt -3.5 vs. Indy

Carolina -9.5 @ Oakland

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Week 9 In Review

Posted by deck104 on November 4, 2008

Quick post, we went 2-3 this week, our first losing week in the five weeks we’ve been doing this, which isn’t bad. We were really hoping Arizona would move into our range but it didn’t so we didn’t bet it. We won on Atlanta over Oakland and the Vikings over Houston. Vikings were a confidence level 3 pick and paid of for the second time in three tries this season.


I”m trying to convince mr.formula to not bet on Cleveland anymore no matter what, but he totally didn’t listen as he’s already put money on Cleveland this week and it’s only tuesday.

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This Week’s Bets

Posted by deck104 on November 2, 2008

Looks like just five this week, as Arizona refused to move into our range. Jacksonville is still at 7.5 though we’re going to give it another hour before we bet in hopes that it moves to 7 since there isn’t that much of a difference between 7.5 and 8 (UPDATE:  Jacksonville moved to -7).

Minnesota, -4.5 vs Houston

Atlanta, -3 @ Oakland

Cleveland, -1.5 vs Baltimore

Jacksonville, -7 vs. @ Cincinatti

Tennessee, -5.5 vs. Green Bay

Great Luck!

Record, Year to Date: 13-10-2

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Friday Afternoon Update

Posted by deck104 on October 17, 2008


Not much to say but the Titans spread moved to -9 so we jumped on it and bet it last night. We could be looking at 7-9 games this weekend which is a little nuts. We didn’t go into this thinking that we’d be adding another model and thus another model’s worth of games. Gonna be a fun weekend though.

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My Obligatory Tuesday Morning Recap – Week 6

Posted by deck104 on October 14, 2008

Last week I talked a little bit about how in some games, we want to take teams giving points but in reality they’re getting points (or they’re getting more points than we want them getting, and why we don’t take those games). This week was another sample as to why these disaparities between Mr. Formula’s spread and the actual spreads we bet on are just one of our failsafes making our betting model so damn consistent.

We would’ve won on the Green Bay/Seattle game but gotten burned on the Miami/Houston game. That would make us 3/5 on the year in those types of games, which is the 60% we’re looking for, but we’re only two weeks in.

As for the bets we did make, we went 4-3 this week bringing our weekly total to 6-4, which is right at 60%. We won on the Arizona game, the Jets Game, the Saints game and the Eagles game. We lost the Denver game and got wtfpwnd in the Ravens and Panthers games.

Those last two games, which were complete and utter blowouts, definitely worry me a little, but I’m not worried. We’ll have the power rankings up later today, with spread ranges coming wednesday or thursday.

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Week 6 Updates

Posted by mrformula on October 10, 2008

The Jets game moved to -9 with Palmer being out. That fell in our range, so we bet it. Arizona also moved to +5 so we bet that as well. Here are the games we’ve bet so far this week:

Baltimore +4.5 at -110

Philadelphia at -5 at -110

Carolina +1.5 at -110

New Orleans at -7 at -110

Arizona + 5 at -110

NY Jets -9 at -110

Denver -3 at -120

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