Posted by deck104 on November 11, 2008

We went 3-3 this week, for our second non-winning week in a row.

Power rankings might be tomorrow, it’s a holiday so I don’t know if Mr. Formula has run the statistics program yet.

Romeo Crennell is killing us. And I’m glad that Cardinals spread didn’t end up moving in our direction, that game was nuts. Anquan Boldin is definitely the best receiver in the league; it’s scary to watch him play.


So we’re at 18-16-2 on the year with a bunch of games still to play. Hopefully we’ll get hot and have something fun to post about.


One Response to “Updates”

  1. jonnychu said

    Have you guys considered some special weight for spreads over a certain amount?

    For example, I read your post about why you don’t pick favorites over -10. That makes perfect sense to me.

    If that’s the case, why wouldn’t you pick underdogs for the opposite reason? This season when KC has been a dog by more than 10 (and they’ve been that by more significant margins, against the Chargers, Jets for example) they’ve covered. I don’t have the scoring breakdown for those games at hand but they have been competitive games, but even if they hadn’t been, the potential for junk scoring to win the spread would be huge.

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