Week 9 Power Rankings

Posted by deck104 on October 28, 2008

Mr. Formula outputs a power ranking every week, it’s how he ranks the teams and pits them against each other inside his mindgrapes. Below is the fruit of his labor after taking into account a bunch of variables and cross referencing them against each other.

The Number to the right of each team is their “value” at a neutral field. For Example, the number one ranked team, Chicago, has a value of 25.19971. Kansas City, the worst team, has a value of 0.00000 (beacuse every other team is assumed to beat them). Meaning Chicago should conceivably beat Kansas City by 25 points at a neutral site. Tennessee, the second ranked team has a value of 24.85490, meaning the Bears “would” beat the Titans by approximately 0.35 points.

This in no way is supposed to predict how many points a team will score in a game, simply their superiority over the clubs below them.

1. Chicago                   25.19971
2.  Tennessee               24.85490
3.  Pittsburgh               23.21320
4.  NY Giants                22.91384
5.  Philadelphia            22.68059
6.  Tampa Bay              21.84448
7.  Carolina                  21.32225
8.  Green Bay               20.71124
9.  Arizona                  20.31070
10. Cleveland              19.58092
11. Indianapolis          19.02389
12. Washington           18.58739
13. Atlanta                  18.49218
14. Minnesota             16.85986
15. Baltimore               16.63050
16. Dallas                    16.34517
17. San Deigo              15.58407
18. Jacksonville           14.58594
19. New Orleans          14.43250
20. Buffalo                   13.98366
21. Miami                    13.36530
22. Houston                13.07044
23. New England          12.75073
24. St. Louis                 9.91182
25. Seattle                    9.45147
26. NY Jets                   8.50269
27. Denver                   6.03019
28. Detroit                   4.84988
29. San Francisco         4.34947
30. Cincinatti               2.72394
31. Oakland                 0.64514
32. Kansas City            0.00000

Somehow the undefeated Titans can’t top the Bears in this week though it is extremely close. I think it’s the Titan’s weak schedule that’s hurting them. The Steelers stay ahead of the Giants despite losing to them pretty handily and injuries continually ravaging them. New England is still very low despite winning two straight and it looks like the ride is over in Denver in Mr. Formula’s Adventureland as they barely escape the bottom 5. It’s a heated battle between Oakland and Kansas City but so far the JL-less, Tyler Thigpen-led Chief’s are still taking the cake as the league’s worst team.

No fluctuation rankings this week because I’m on a laptop and it’s a miracle I got through all that without a numerical keypad (okay, not really, but it’s so much easier to do stuff like that when I have a mouse). Maybe I’ll update them from work tomorrow.


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