Monday Morning – Week 7 Recap

Posted by deck104 on October 20, 2008

We didnt get a chance to post this up yesterday but on Sunday morning the Tampa Bay spread moved into our range and we took it. We also got the Steelers spread on Saturday night really late but I don’t remember if I posted that up yet or not, but there ya go.

The Wizard was a little worried about having 9 bets on the table this week, clearly more than we were expecting for any given week of the NFL season but with the new model comes about 3 more bets per week and I had faith that we wouldn’t completely bottom out and we didnt.

We’re 4-3-1 so far with the push coming late, late last night to the point I’m kind of pissed off about it. So far we haven’t been burned by junktime scoring and we weren’t exactly burned by it last night either, but Obviously I’d rather be 5-3 than 4-3-1. I’ll go backwards and cover the games

Tampa Bay -10 vs. Seattle – Push

The Bucs were off and running early when I was flipping between the two Tampa Bay games of the night (the other being the Sox game). 17-3 late in the game and I was really confident that we finally had a game we weren’t going to sweat out (it seems that either we know we’ve lost early, or we’re sweating it out til the end). Of course, Julius Jones hadn’t done shit all day and then all of a sudden in the final drive with less than five minutes late he looks like he hadn’t taken a handoff all night. He had about 50 yards on two runs and set the Seahawks up for an easy rollout touchdown pass and the Push was on.


New York Jets – 3 vs. Oakland – Loss

How in the world did Oakland win this game? The Jets played cautious and terrible. Up until overtime Favre had like, 7 incompletions and Thomas Jones was approaching 150 yds. They took no shots downfield and I don’t even remember them being in the Red Zone. They ended up losing the field position battle and there’s no way you’re going to cover even a 3 point spread if you can’t get a whiff of the endzone.


Cleveland +7 vs. Washington – Win

I will never watch a Cleveland Browns game if I have money on them ever, ever again. Maybe the most poorly coached game and definitely the worst Quarterbacking performance of the season. The fact that Romeo did not pull Anderson for Brady Quinn is a testament to his coaching inabilities. Their first of two fourth quarter red zone attacks from inside the five exhibited 3 of the worst play calls since Andy Reid went 0-4 running it up the gut three weeks ago on consecutive plays. Even on the Portis fumble, the Browns almost didn’t recover it because Tyrone Poole tried to pick it up and run the other way 2 inches from the sideline surrounded by white Jerseys and he was bobbling the ball. The Browns luckily got in the endzone and predictably threw to Braylon “6-drop” Edwards for the Duece and we got the cover and some blood pressure medication.


Pittsburgh -9 vs. Cincinatti – Win

Even though the Bengals looked awful in the first half, somehow Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to put some semblance of an offense together and make this look like it was going to be close. In the end it wasn’t and we covered the large spread and since this game was mostly a route we didn’t pay that much attention to it given we were sweating out the Giants game.


Tennessee -9 vs. Kansas City – Win

Another one we didn’t need to pay too much attention to. The Titans ran wild on the Chiefs very literally and we kind of kept an eye on the game but when you have an undefeated team playing the Chiefs you’re not really worried about it.


New York Giants -10 vs. San Francisco – Win

We watched this game pretty intently. The Giants took an early lead but with a 10 point spread the Giants just staying marginally in the game is keeping us nervous. Of course it’s looking like a push until a JT O’Sullivan fumble inside the five gets kicked out of the back and the G-men win by 12 and we win moneys.


Dallas -7 vs. St. Louis – Loss

Who the eff sparked the Rams? Jim Haslett? I’ve seen Jim Haslett mosey around a mall in mesh shorts for an entire afternoon doing NOTHING while his wife shopped, that guy couldn’t incite a riot at a Green Street Elite match. Either way Stephen Jackson ended my fantasy game and he gave me some heartburn and I hate him.


Miami -3 vs. Baltimore – Loss

What can you say about Baltimore. They get lit up by the Colts who get absolutely murderized by the Chargers, and they lock down the Dolphins who had been killin opponent’s defenses with their high school offense. I guess the lesson here is you don’t bring a high school offensive game plan against Ray Lewis and the Ravens but I don’t even remember the Dolphins even having the ball on offense. Everytime I looked up they were on D and getting trounced. Lame.
Tonight we’ve got Denver getting three from the Pats at the Razor. It’s a confidence level 3 bet so I feel pretty good about it and I’d be excited to go +2 on the week and win some moneys. We shall see. I’ll probably have my obligatory tuesday morning report (mortimer) tomorrow and until then let’s hope we don’t look like jerks pushing this Denver game.


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