Week 6 Power Rankings

Posted by deck104 on October 7, 2008

Mr. Formula outputs a power ranking every week, it’s how he ranks the teams and pits them against each other inside his mindgrapes. Below is the fruit of his labor after taking into account a bunch of variables and cross referencing them against each other.

The Number to the right of each team is their “value” at a neutral field. For Example, the number one ranked team, Tennessee, has a value of 40.39180. St. Louis, the worst team, has a value of 0.00000 (beacuse every other team is assumed to beat them). Meaning Tennessee should conceivably beat St. Louis by 40 points at a neutral site. Carolina, the second ranked team has a value of 40.18738, meaning Tennessee would beat the Panthers by approximately 0.21 points.

This in no way is supposed to predict how many points a team will score in a game, simply their superiority over the clubs below them.

1 Tennessee 40.39180
2 Carolina 40.18738
3 Washington 39.64973
4 N.Y. Giants 38.65173
5 Dallas 38.22607
6 Chicago 37.94232
7 Arizona 37.30064
8 San Diego 35.94835
9 Miami 35.91212
10 Tampa Bay 35.71509
11 Baltimore 35.52150
12 Philadelphia 34.76786
13 Pittsburgh 34.04065
14 N.Y. Jets 33.79501
15 Minnesota 33.46249
16 New Orleans 32.28288
17 Denver 32.21228
18 Atlanta 29.18505
19 Green Bay 28.55440
20 Cincinnati 28.15053
21 Indianapolis 27.17427
22 New England 27.01891
23 Jacksonville 26.37373
24 Cleveland 25.98469
25 Buffalo 22.17523
26 Houston 21.32107
27 Oakland 20.76989
28 San Francisco 19.09653
29 Kansas City 15.74370
30 Detroit 8.45399
31 Seattle 8.40518
32 St. Louis 0.00000

Whoa, Carolina. People tried to hype up the Panthers to me before the season and I didn’t buy it. I still don’t think I do but I might have to start looking into the pudding to see the proof. Mr. Formula still doesn’t like the Pats and Green Bay took a huge hit, as did the Jaguars.

We’ve already got 5 bets to take this week and we’re expecting one to three more by Sunday morning. We’ll have those bets up later in the week, but because the spreads are at the edge of the range I’ll tell you right now to take:

Carolina getting +1 to +4.5
Baltimore getting +1.5 to +5

So snag those if you’re trusting in Mr. Formula’s 66.667% after week 5, we’ll be jumping on them immediately.


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