Week 5 – 2/3 Ain’t Bad

Posted by deck104 on October 6, 2008

We’re pretty excited that our first week of testing our betting formula with real money worked out pretty well. Obviously we’re not going to win every bet we place, the goal is to be profitable over the course of the season and win more than 58% of our bets to turn a profit, again, with stress on “over the course of the season.”

Well, we’re off to a hot start here in week 5 as we won two out of our three contests and lost the game we most expected to lose: The 49ers getting only 3 from the Patriots. We won with Washington getting 6.5, a game that got a little out of hand in the first quarter but was all Washington from there on in (I was pretty confident on that one). We also won the nailbiting Steelers at Jaguars game last night, where Pittsburg won outright (you go Mr. Formula).

Many of my coworkers thought that was an equally crazy game to pick with Pittsburgh out of running backs and Big Ben playing hurt. I will say it was a little troubling for me to be rooting for my most hated NFL Franchise (Steelers) as well as my most hated NFL player (Big Ben), but the betting model is made to not take personal feelings into account or else I’m sure we would’ve abstained from betting against the Patriots yesterday.

In any event, we’re pretty excited about winning more games than we lost in week 5 (that’s the goal every week), and we look forward to bringing you the weekly power rankings tomorrow as we continue to build the team pages and post relevant information about betting on football using the Helices Posit.


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