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Posted by deck104 on October 4, 2008

There’s some new spread action right now, reason enough to make a post to update everyone on what’s happening with the spreads as we head into the weekend.

First off, Atlanta/Green Bay finally has a spread, unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like money) it’s Atlanta +4 so we won’t be betting it.

Washington’s spread however moved from +5.5 to +6, so we’re checking this spread every couple hours to see if it moves another half a point to WSH +6.5 in which case we’d take it.

We’re still waiting on San Francisco to get more points, though we’re still looking at risking $100 to win $105 right now so that ain’t bad. We’ll probably bet this on Sunday but we are expecting this spread to move big over the weekend.

Also, we’re building the site as we go here, mainly because this is a work-in-progress anyway, but also because we’ve only recently begun to think about chronicling this whole project. We’re creating pages for every team with pertinent betting information: the team site, the team depth chart, the team injury reports and the team against the spread in numerous situations over the past 10 years in different increments. We’ve got all of the AFC East and some of the AFC North done (though the links for the Jets and Dolphins aren’t done because we can’t load flash on my work computers).

Anyhow, that’s the scoop around here. Bet wisely.


One Response to “Updates – Spreads and Blog”

  1. casinoguru said

    It’s a shame the atlanta spread isn’t too profitable. I’d like to take green bay in that one

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