Steelers Bet Update

Posted by deck104 on October 4, 2008

So with Big Ben very questionable for tomorrow’s game, the spread for the Steelers jumped to them getting 5.5 which is a full point and a half out of our range, however we’ve already bet the game within our range.
This is the number one thing we were concerned about going into the season testing the formula. Because we tested everything using static spreads (on they lock on Wednesday and do not change). Statistically there’s really no way for us to figure out what happens after those spreads, but common sense would suggest that since we were successful testing the formula using static spreads considering any number of those spreads could’ve moved outside our range, we should be okay.

Granted, we will keep an eye on this interaction throughout the season and should be able to make a decision about it based on what we find.


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